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Vipin Verma currently resides in the city of Mahadev - Kashi (Varanasi). He possesses a degree in engineering along with a post-graduate diploma in management. He is ex-student of the prestigious Banaras Hindu University and has worked with the world-class engineering institute IIT (Indian Institute of Technology); owing to his intellect and pragmatism, he has published a research paper about microstrip patch antenna and has filed a patent for A Direct Broadcast System using CDMA Technology.  His techy mind is deeply invested in and impressed by the great Indian Art and Culture. He is on a mission to attract tourists from all around the globe to the  rich, majestic, and intellectually gifted heartland of India by spinning yards of imagination around the Indian Heritage and telling unforgettable tales of the wonder our India is. With his team Chitra and Aditi, he is committed to delivering content that reflects the values of our society. #Project love temple is the first installment of the series “Project Temple.


Chitra Joshi hails from the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand.  She is a science graduate and a sucker for literature. A Potterhead, still upset for not receiving  Hogwarts letter at 11. She is drunk on writing and loves gazing at stars, she occasionally writes poetry and articles as well.


Aditi Sinha comes from 'Dhoni ka Sheher' , which is Ranchi. Though a pharmacy student, she has tons of interest in acting and literature. She tries and fulfills both of her interests simultaneously. A nature lover and mumma's girl, she is deeply attached to her family and her native place.

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