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    The idea for the novel was born when the mind decided to look above the mundane. The sumptuous and majestic temples of Khajuraho standing tall in their glory invited my wandering attention. From that moment onwards, I couldn't think of anything else but them. After pondering days over the questions, 'who could have built them?', 'what could be the reason behind their construction?', 'which and whose ideologies do they represent?', I decided to go through all the myths and stories revolving around them. Finally, the writer in me decided to write my own version of possibilities. This novel is a testament to my journey of finding real answers in an imaginary world.

Being a huge sci-fi and suspense lover, I gave this book a tinge of both and writing it was an extraordinary experience. Jotting down the ideas that were living rent-free in my head on a piece of paper was more like a therapy for me.

So, welcome to the kingdom of my imagination; I hope you find here the perfect escape from the hustle of the real world!


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